Sustainable Auditorium Renovation at the Centre Paul Langevin CAES du CNRS


The Centre Paul Langevin CAES du CNRS, located in the picturesque French town of Aussois, has undertaken a significant renovation of its auditorium. This project stands out for its sustainable approach to space rehabilitation, balancing environmental care, cost efficiency, and aesthetic preservation. The center’s management made a strategic decision by retaining the structure of the existing seats and replacing only the most worn-out components.

In 2008, the auditorium was equipped with 210 Top seats from Figueras. Over the years, these seats have withstood the test of time. This longevity is a testament to Figueras’s commitment to quality and durability. Despite intensive use, the structure of these seats has remained intact, leading the center’s management to opt for a partial renovation instead of a complete overhaul.

The renovation involved the Figueras team meticulously assessing the condition of each seat, and identifying the most worn-out parts. These components were replaced with new ones, while preserving the robust structure that characterizes these models. The result is an auditorium that looks completely new, ready to welcome the public for many more years.

This type of refurbishment is a clear example of sustainability and functionality can go hand in hand. Partial renovation is both a cost-effective and sustainable solution. This approach allows for waste reduction and minimizes the consumption of new materials, addressing current environmental concerns, and achieving a space that looks entirely new with a minimal investment.

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