Each project begins with a vision. We focus on creating aesthetically pleasing, optimized, and profitable spaces, ensuring every detail aligns with your goals. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our innovative approach, and we take pride in designing seats that not only enhance the visual appeal of your spaces but also contribute to a greener environment. 


With Figueras 360, our approach begins at the very inception of your project, blending aesthetics with functional design to maximize both space efficiency and profitability. We meticulously analyze every aspect – from spatial dynamics to user comfort, integrating innovative design principles. As a seating company, manufacturer and supplier with deep expertise in seating engineering and a keen eye for design, we transform each project into a strategic, profitable, and visually compelling environment, perfectly aligned with your vision and objectives.

Group 109
Project Evaluation

We start by thoroughly understanding the objectives and space requirements.

Group 110
Seat selection

We carefully advise on the seats or systems that best fit the required space and functionality.

Group 111
Space design and layout

We plan the space layout to achieve optimization and profitability without compromising aesthetics.

Group 117

We ensure that all aspects of the project comply with relevant regulations and standards.

Group 112

We develop a detailed plan from the design and manufacturing of the seats to delivery and installation to ensure efficient and punctual project execution.

Group 113

Our expert team handles the installation with precision and professionalism.

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