We have the knowledge, technical capacity, and a flexible approach to meet the needs of our clients, whether activating a design process from scratch or adapting or modifying products that are already part of our seating catalog. 


Design is a fundamental and distinctive pillar of Figueras, which has shaped its trajectory for nearly a century. Our pursuit of excellence goes beyond mere aesthetics to incorporate sustainability as a core element of our philosophy. Engineering and innovation are key to ensuring the durability and advanced functionality of our products.

Made-to-Measure (MTM)

Our dedicated design department is uniquely positioned to craft a product from its inception, ensuring that every detail is meticulously considered. We excel in collaborating with architectural firms, merging our expertise with theirs to conquer even the most unique and complex challenges. Our approach is not just about meeting requirements, but about bringing a visionary concept to life, ensuring functionality, aesthetics, and innovation are at the forefront of every project.

Projects as renowned as the Philharmonie de Paris (France), Princeton University’s McCosh50 auditorium (USA), The Glasshouse International Centre for Music in Gateshead (UK), or Madrid’s Teatros del Canal (Spain) stand as prime examples of the ‘Made to Measure’ concept developed by Figueras.

Our versatile ‘MtM concept’ extends across a spectrum of spaces, including seating for multi-purpose spaces, congress centers, corporate rooms, theatres, cinemas, stadiums and arenas, as well as parliamentary settings. Figueras’ commitment to tailored solutions ensures that our seating seamlessly integrates with diverse environments, providing comfort and functionality in every setting.

Product Adaptation

We offer the flexibility and expertise to reshape and customize the existing products in our portfolio, ensuring they harmonize impeccably with the specific requirements of each space. Our team works diligently to adapt designs, materials, and functionalities to align perfectly with the unique architectural and aesthetic demands of your project. This tailor-made approach guarantees that our solutions not only fit spatially but also enhance the overall ambiance and purpose of the environment.
Projects like the Symphony CaixaForum in Barcelona, Spain, the Ventspils Music School and Concert Hall in Latvia, or the Wild Rice @ Funan Theatre in Singapore are just a few examples of this type of product adaptation.

Our unrelenting passion for innovation keeps us on the pulse of the latest trends and materials, guaranteeing a perpetual sense of novelty and contemporary elegance in all our offerings. Figueras seats aren’t just celebrated for their design and unmatched quality; they also proudly adhere to the most rigorous industry standards and regulations. For a closer look at our certifications and quality procedures, please visit this page.

At the epicenter of our creative journey lies our Design Center, the very nucleus where dreams spring to life. Having our own center has enabled us to collaborate with influential figures in the design and architecture realm, ensuring your ideas are not just realized but brought to life with the utmost precision and artistry.
If you’re ready to embark on this exciting journey with us, and let’s make your vision a tangible masterpiece.

Explore our versatile seating solutions tailored for auditoriums, conference rooms, performing arts centers, schools, universities, waiting areas, cruise ships, and ferries, ensuring that Figueras enhances every space with unparalleled comfort and style.

01 1
Needs Identification
  • Initial meeting with the client
  • Analysis of specific space and audience requirements
02 1
Research and Conceptualization
  • Study of current design and ergonomics trends
  • Initial sketches and conceptualization
03 1
Design Development
  • Creation of digital prototypes (3D modeling)
  • Selection of materials and colors
04 1
  • Layout of the seats
  • Technical development of parts and components that make up the product
05 1
Physical Prototyping
  • Production of a full-scale model
  • Comfort and functionality testing
06 1
Review and Adjustments
  • Client feedback and potential adjustments
  • Modifications based on tests and feedback
  • Internal testing to ensure compliance with standards
  • Submission to external laboratories for certifications (e.g., UNE-EN ISO 12727)
  • Obtaining and reviewing certificates
  • Mass production of the seat
  • Quality control and durability testing
09 1
  • At Figueras, we possess the expertise, technical prowess and an adaptable approach to cater to our customers' every need.
  • Whether it's initiating a design process from the ground up or fine-tuning existing products from our seating catalog, we're here to transform your vision into reality.


The United Nations Office
Philharmonie de Paris
Philharmonie de Paris
Filmoteca de Catalunya
Filmoteca de Catalunya
Fiserv Forum - Milwaukee Bucks
Fiserv Forum - Milwaukee Bucks
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