Fiserv Forum – Milwaukee Bucks

Players’ bench equipped with innovative heated and height-adjustable seats

The Fiserv Forum Stadium, home to the Milwaukee Bucks, boasts custom-made, innovative seats by Figueras, specifically designed to meet NBA players’ unique needs. Figueras’ adjustable and heated seating solutions offer unparalleled comfort and performance, catering to athletes’ varying heights from 1.73m to 2.29m (5’8” to 7’6”). These cutting-edge seats are engineered to maintain optimal muscle temperature, preventing stiffness and ensuring players remain limber and game-ready.

This pioneering design emerged from a collaboration between the Bucks’ Director of Performance, Troy Flanagan, and Professor Emeritus Jack Zable of the University of Colorado Boulder, realized through Figueras Seating’s expertise in exceptional seating solutions. A key feature of this design is the 110º angle between the seat and backrest, with a temperature setting of 41.1ºC (106ºF), addressing the issue of standard cold, folding chairs and enhancing athletes’ performance through thoughtful, ergonomic design. This partnership underscores Figueras’s dedication to innovating athletic performance with smart, athlete-centric seating solutions.

Project Name: Fiserv Forum – Milwaukee Bucks
Year of Development: 2019
Country: United States of America
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Installed Seats: Top 5036, bespoke model
Segments: Stadiums & Arenas, Made to Measure
Venues: Stadiums & Arenas

Installed Seats

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