Our purpose transcends the design and manufacturing of auditorium seats. We focus on the ability to bring people together, creating spaces where they meet, interact, and share experiences.

Each project we partake in is an opportunity to foster dialogue, culture, and mutual understanding. Whether it’s a theatre, an auditorium, or a public space, our seats are more than just a place to sit; they are a means to unite people and enrich their lives.

Our commitment to architecture and society is reflected in every project we undertake, always seeking social and cultural well-being and preserving the environment.

We design to inspire and unite people at every gathering, supported by our knowledge and experience.


Excellence. At Figueras, there are no limits or borders. Our global presence and the diversity of our projects reflect our ability to adapt to different cultures and the specific needs of each project while always maintaining our quality standards.

Our trajectory has endowed us with unique knowledge in the sector in creating spaces that promote dialogue and culture and are capable of elevating the experience of any event. That’s why we like to talk about the art of seating.

From small auditoriums to large parliaments, theatres, stadiums, and transformable spaces. Each space demonstrates our commitment to each and every one of our clients. Each project is a unique opportunity to foster dialogue, improve experiences, and reaffirm our global leadership.


Knowledge. What truly gives us added value is the knowledge and experience accumulated over 95 years. We have been able to surround ourselves with a team that adds value every day and offers the best version of themselves. Commitment to the project and to our clients is what makes us stronger. We listen to learn, and this makes us greater and gives us the ability to innovate by merging smart design with the most advanced engineering and technology with research. This allows us to offer a wide range of products that, in addition to meeting functional needs, provide a unique aesthetic and emotional value.


Future. Talking about the future means talking about sustainability. And talking about sustainability in our case means innovating. At Figueras, we are currently immersed in a transformation process. Ecodesign is part of our DNA, but we are also working with materials and production processes that are environmentally friendly and efficiently manage all resources.


Since the founding of Figueras 95 years ago, we have sown and reaped many successes. We have managed to install our seats in the most emblematic auditoriums, parliaments, theatres, and universities around the world and we are present in more than 130 countries. Our international presence represents the magnitude of Figueras, as well as the trust that clients place in us to bring their most important spaces to life. But the greatest milestone achieved is to continue being a beloved and aspirational brand for all our clients, and this has been given to us by the ability to adapt to what the market demands at each moment.