The design department at Figueras Seating, specialised in creating high-end seating for public spaces, focuses on innovation, functionality, and aesthetics in their creations. This team works to ensure that each new product reflects the brand’s values in terms of style, comfort, and durability.

Committed to sustainability and with a special focus on adaptability, Figueras’ designers use cutting-edge materials and innovative technologies to develop seating solutions that not only meet the current needs of public spaces but also anticipate future trends. Collaboration with architects and designers, as well as creativity, are key in their process, allowing Figueras Design to conceive seats that are both visually appealing and functional, ensuring each project is unique and specifically meets the requirements of its clients.


Marta Vilallonga

Marta Vilallonga, born in Barcelona, is a multifaceted designer with diverse training and a significant career. She studied fashion, industrial design, and art history in Paris. She worked in stage design and staging in cinema with Cyril Collard, Maurice Pialat, and Jean Jacques Baratier. Between 1988 and 1989, her career took a turn towards architecture when she joined the studio of architect Richard Meier in New York, focusing on furniture creation. This experience marked a milestone in her career, leading her to collaborate in 1990 with Ricardo Bofill in the Interior Design Department of the Taller de Arquitectura. In this setting, Vilallonga developed her skills in industrial design, furniture, and lighting, establishing herself as an important figure in the world of design and architecture. Her work reflects a unique fusion of artistic sensitivity and technical precision, attributes that have made her a respected and admired designer in her field.

Emiliana Design Studio

Emiliana Design Studio has firmly established itself in design with its innovative and multidisciplinary approach. Founded by designers Ana Mir and Emili Padrós, the studio excels in various areas, including furniture, lighting, urban and interior design. Based in Barcelona, the studio is dedicated to creating works that combine aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. Their projects are a fusion of traditional techniques and modern technology, focused on innovation and design excellence.
The studio’s versatility in collaborating across multiple disciplines, from product design to architectural projects, has resulted in a diverse and respected portfolio. Among Emiliana Design Studio’s creations is the Landscape seating, a versatile and adaptable piece, perfect for waiting areas in collective spaces.

Filipe Oliveira

Filipe Oliveira Dias was an architect with a vision to design and build the vast universe of humanity, approaching architecture with the ambition to create limitless and timeless spaces. His work was deeply rooted in collective participation, making architecture an accessible right for all. Oliveira Dias’ architecture, both landscape and urban, observed and interpreted values, ensuring his projects were didactic and pedagogically open. His architectural vision was culturally and socially inclusive, considering architecture as a consumable good.
He was the creator of the acclaimed Flame chair, a seat specifically designed for theaters and auditoriums, initially installed in the Helena Costa Theater in Porto, Portugal. Its design, inspired by the shape of a candle flame, has received wide recognition and has been installed in theaters and concert halls around the world.

Josep Lluscà (Lluscà Design)

Graduate in Industrial Design from the Eina School in Barcelona, he has been a professor in its Product Design Department and a member of its Board of Governors. Since 1972 he has worked with prestigious international companies such as Puig Perfumes, Resol, Escofet, Flos, Inoxcrom, La Caixa or Vilagrasa, as well as Figueras Seating and many others.
The diverse nature of the projects he has been involved in means that he has been able to work in many different fields, including lighting, furniture, packaging, electrical appliances, applied and consumer electronics, toys, street furniture and fittings, household furniture and electrical material. He is the author of Delta and Amik chairs for Figueras.


Clé Millet

Clé Millet Architectes architectural studio is distinguished for its versatile and comprehensive approach in architectural creation, spanning from urban design to object design. Their focus is on three fundamental aspects: creativity, exemplified by unique and original architectural solutions; respect for the environment, centred on efficiency and functionality; and respect for heritage, demonstrated in projects of renovation, rehabilitation, or extension. This sensitivity towards heritage has been recognised with awards such as the Prix du Patrimoine and the Ruban bleu du Patrimoine. Clé Millet’s reputation is built on these values, known for its seriousness, rigour, and innovation. Their collaboration with Figueras is extensive, with projects like the Mogador Theatre in Paris, for which a custom-made chair was developed, the Casino de Paris, featuring the installation of the Mutasub system, the Mairie de Jujurieux, and the most recent, the refurbishment of the Dreux Theatre, all in France.

Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra

Guillermo Vázquez Consuegra has made a distinctive mark in the world of architecture with several notable works. Among his most outstanding projects is the Caixaforum Cultural Centre in Seville, a space that blends modernity and functionality; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Luxembourg, showcasing his skill in institutional design; and the Seville Congress Centre, an exemplar of his innovative approach to public architecture, a project in which Figueras had the honour to participate. Architect Vázquez Consuegra designed the chair that adorns this auditorium. Named by the author as the K Chair due to the shape of its profile, it is a unique model, featuring a noble wood structure in the same colour as the leather upholstery, resulting in a piece that is sober, elegant, and extremely comfortable.

Juan Navarro Baldeweg

Juan Navarro Baldeweg, known for his artistic sensitivity and multidisciplinary focus, combines architecture, painting, and sculpture in his works, creating spaces that reflect a deep understanding of light and form. His projects include educational and cultural buildings, characterized by their integration with the environment and innovative use of materials. The Alicia seat was specially designed to fit the main hall at Teatros del Canal, in Madrid (Spain). It was installed also in both, the congress and the auditorium halls of the Forum Evolution in Burgos (Spain), and some years later, the Benidorm Cultural Center (Spain), also counts on this seat, which stands out for its sinuous lines and its acoustic properties.

Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Ateliers Jean Nouvel, led by visionary architect Jean Nouvel, stands out in global architecture for its innovative and aesthetic approach. The studio, renowned for integrating its designs into specific cultural and environmental contexts, has created emblematic works such as the Arab World Institute in Paris, the renovation of the Opéra Nouvel in Lyon, the Agbar Tower in Barcelona, and the National Museum of Qatar in Doha. Their projects, ranging from theaters to skyscrapers, reflect a blend of advanced technology, innovative forms, and a deep commitment to sustainable design and artistic sensitivity. Figueras is proud to have participated in such iconic projects as the DR Koncerhuset in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Opéra de Lyon, and the Philharmonie de Paris in France.

Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners, led by Sir Norman Foster, is distinguished in the architectural landscape for its creativity and futuristic design. Specialising in a diverse range of projects, from cutting-edge towers to transport complexes, they are recognised for their structural ingenuity and ecological commitment. Their achievements include the transformation of the Reichstag in Germany, the Hong Kong airport, the iconic Cepsa Tower in Spain, and the imposing Millau Viaduct in France. This firm is a pioneer in integrating advanced technological solutions with a respectful approach to the environment and culture, setting standards in modern urban design. Figueras has had the opportunity to collaborate with Foster + Partners on two ambitious projects in the UK: The Glasshouse International Centre for Music in Gateshead, for which a custom-made chair was designed and developed for this space, and the OVO Hydro in Glasgow, for which the Arena model was designed and developed.

Dominique Perrault Architecture

Dominique Perrault Architecture, led by renowned French architect Dominique Perrault, is celebrated for its innovative approach to architectural design. The firm specializes in creating structures that blend modern functionality with bold aesthetics, often using cutting-edge materials and techniques. Their projects range from public and cultural buildings to urban infrastructures and residential developments. Perrault’s architecture is noted for its elegant minimalism and ability to harmoniously integrate into the urban or natural environment. Dominique Perrault Architecture worked with Figueras to develop a special seat on retractable seating system for the auditorium in the renovated Métal 57 building.

1100 Architects

1100 Architects, an architectural studio based in New York and Frankfurt, is distinguished for its architectural design focused on precision, sustainability, and resilience. Their projects, ranging from residential spaces to public and institutional buildings, are recognized for their aesthetic clarity and functionality, integrating technological innovations and environmental sensitivity. They collaborated closely with Figueras to develop an updated version of the original chair for Princeton University, NJ, USA, for the McCosh 50 auditorium.

Rem Koolhas – OMA

Rem Koolhaas, a visionary and pioneering architect, has made an indelible mark on contemporary architecture with his innovative and revolutionary style. Koolhaas is known for his ability to transform traditional architectural concepts into bold and futuristic creations. Among his most significant works are the CMG Headquarters in China, a skyscraper redefining Beijing’s skyline, Casa da Música in Portugal, a theatre breaking conventional moulds with its unique design, and the Seattle Central Library in the USA, which has become an icon of public architecture for its innovative approach. He collaborated with Figueras to develop an innovative auditorium with a spacious chair and an individual mobile system based on Figueras’ Mutasub system for the Milstein Hall, which houses the College for Architecture, Art and Planning (AAP) at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, USA.

Moneo Brock Studio

Moneo Brock Studio, an architecture and interior design studio, has undertaken a variety of projects renowned for their innovation and sustainability. Among their works is the Science Center at the university campus in Barcelona, focused on education and sustainability. They have also developed product designs like the Sencelles Bench and worked on the laboratory building at the University of El Rosario in Colombia. The studio has also undertaken interior and curatorial design, such as the Spanish Chromatic Still Lifes in Japan and the Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid, Spain. It was in this last project where they closely collaborated with Figueras to design the “Telefónica Bench,” a versatile bench with a foldable backrest, which converts into comfortable individual seats. For this project, they worked with Quanto Arquitectura.

Salas Studio

Fernando Salas, a prominent interior designer, has undertaken numerous projects showcasing his skill and vision in interior design. He has excelled in works like the Dos Torres restaurant in Barcelona, where his style blends elegance and comfort. His portfolio includes the Espai Carré showroom and the renovation of Vega Sicilia’s wine cellars, reflecting his approach to both modern and traditional elements. He is also responsible for the interior design of El Molino theatre in Barcelona, demonstrating his ability to merge functionality with contemporary aesthetics. It is at El Molino theatre where he collaborated with Figueras to design an elegant chair adorned with Swarovski crystals.

Ricard Ferrer

He is a product designer at the Elisava y Llotja School, BA top in design from the University of Southampton. Furniture design, lighting, bathroom equipment, communities, kitchenware, also in sectors such as advertising, construction and product. He is a professor of the Product Design Area in the Degree in Design and director of the Master’s Degree in Furniture Design.
Selections in the Delta Adi-Fad awards, 1995, 1997, 2007, 2011, Expohogar first prize in 2001 and 2003, second prize at the Valencia Furniture Fair 1997, among others
He has participated in exhibitions such as “Tapas” Spanish design for food, “Foodjects design and the new cuisine in Spain”, “Offjectes, concepts and designs for a turn of the century” Museu d’Arts Decoratives, “Object, memory and creation” , “Hobjects” Spring of design.