Design Center

The Figueras International Seating Design Center is located in one of the halls of the brand’s production factory. In this way, there is a tangible link between the process of designing the products and their manufacturing. In the same complex, the offices of Figueras International Seating are also located in an annex building. Being located inside the manufacturing warehouses, the concept of the Design Center is to keep intact the physiognomy of the space and place a new non-invasive ‘transportable’ module where the new uses required by the client are located. In this way, the structure of pillars and metal trusses, the skylights, the window openings and the concrete pavement are maintained. And a new white metallic structure of collaborating sheet metal forging and pine carpentry is created. The lower floor houses: the historical and current showroom of the products, a meeting room, the photography set, the model workshop and the office area and bathrooms; and on the upper floor is the study with a design open to the entire space.