We transform spaces with a comprehensive vision. Our experience in managing complex projects goes beyond seat installation. We have the capability and expertise to integrate custom solutions with other collaborators.


At Figueras, we are experts in integrating and coordinating external collaborator solutions within our projects to approach them holistically.

We are equipped to take on large-scale projects. We possess extensive knowledge and experience in managing complex projects and have the best specialists to handle each project with maximum efficiency.

For these complex and unique projects, it is important to start collaboration in the early phases to gain a global vision of the project.

To ensure results, we have a team of dedicated Project Managers who oversee the proper development of the projects, ensuring the achievement of our clients’ objectives.

01 1
Understand and define the project scope
  • Analyze the initial project data
  • Review relevant and applicable experiences
02 1
Identify Needs
  • Identify and analyze the client's needs
  •  Conduct a feasibility study of the project
  • Assign a specialized Project Manager for the project type
03 1
Alternative Analysis
  • Conduct necessary studies to define individualized and realistic solutions
  • Research and analyze until the applicable solution is identified
04 1
Integrated Solution Proposal
  • Design and layout of the space
  • Product/solution datasheets
  • Certifications
  • Work roadmap
05 1
Project Kick-off
  • Initial meeting with all the involved team
  • Verification of the proposed solution
  • Definition of project and construction requirements
06 1
Project Execution
  • Kick-off meeting with the client and other project stakeholders
  • Project monitoring and coordination by the Project Manager
  • Communication with the client and other teams
  • Regular meetings and reporting
Project Delivery
  • Final verification
  • Documentation delivery
  • Project closure

What can we do in an Auditorium (Cinema, theater, parliament, corporate room...)?

  • Scenography
  • Tilting platforms
  • Technical floor
  • Carpet
  • Lighting
  • Acoustic panels
  • Customized furniture
  • Integration of audiovisuals

What can we do in a sports stadium?

  • Removable or fixed stands
  • Benches for players
  • Furniture (benches, tables for journalists, lockers for changing rooms…)
  • Integration of audiovisuals
  • Exterior lighting
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At Figueras, we also have the support of all the companies of the Brand Corner Group to carry out these types of projects.