Figueras Seating plays a crucial role in outfitting public spaces like auditoriums, conference halls, and congress venues. Our seating solutions harmoniously integrate functionality with aesthetic finesse, catering to the unique dynamics of public gatherings. Recognizing that each chair is more than a mere seat, we design them as platforms for engagement, learning, and impactful decision-making.

Tailored to enhance the experience of attendees, our designs ensure comfort for extended durations and foster active participation. Our seats are crafted to complement diverse architectural styles and spatial layouts making them ideal for spaces hosting significant events and discussions.

Innovation and excellence are at the heart of Figueras. Our seats not only fill a space; they create an environment encouraging idea exchanging and the forging of meaningful agreements. Each seat, embodying a balance of elegant design and impeccable functionality, stands as a witness to our dedication to improving spaces where people come together to share, learn, and create.

Publicum Seating Collection

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Five Below
Five Below
White House press room
The White House, Press Room
Robert Brillas Cultural Centre
Robert Brillas Cultural Centre
Hotel El Vicenç de la mar, Mallorca
Hotel El Vicenç de la Mar
The Mediapro Studio
Consulat Général de France
La Cidrerie
La Cidrerie
NFL Media
NFL Media Headquarters
The Crystal Siemens
The Crystal, Siemens HQ
Sony Pictures Screening Room
Sony Pictures Screening Room
Musee des Confluences
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