Teatre Romea

The Teatre Romea, located in the Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona, is an iconic Catalan theatre whose construction dates back to 1863. Founded by Miquel Gasset i Bosch, it transitioned from a dance hall to a theatre, with a capacity for 600 people. The theatre has undergone various renovations throughout its more than one hundred and sixty years of history, with the 1913 remodelling standing out, which gave it its current classicist appearance. Other significant interventions include those carried out in 1964 and 1992, consolidating its position as a cultural landmark in Barcelona. 

With an Italian-style stalls design, inspired by the Teatro Farnese in Parma, Figueras participated in an initial renovation in 2001 where they introduced the Gaudí chair. Twenty-five years later, this same chair has been improved and replicated to maintain the essence of the space. Preserving its classic style, the new chairs, upholstered with recycled red velvet combined with beech wood varnished with a cherry finish, offer exceptional comfort to the spectators. In this latest renovation, the capacity was increased from 602 to 625 seats, 60 of which are removable to easily adjust the capacity according to the event’s needs. 

In this renovation, Figueras went beyond merely renovating the seats, and the project included the removal of the old seats and waste management, repairing and levelling the floor, and installing a new red carpet in the central aisle. Additionally, an innovative lighting system with LEDs embedded in the floor was implemented, adding a contemporary touch to the theater’s classic environment. 

This emblematic theatre not only witnesses Barcelona’s rich cultural history but also continuously adapts to the needs of the arts and the public. It is a clear example of how historic spaces can preserve cultural heritage while modernizing to meet the needs of the 21st century without losing their essence.  

Discover more about this project in the complete case study. 

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