Designed & Crafted to Last: Figueras’ Commitment to Sustainability

Figueras Designed Crafted to last Committed to a better tomorrow

At Figueras, sustainability goes beyond product recyclability. For 95 years, we have focused on creating durable, high-quality solutions that minimize waste and resource consumption, following the circular economy principles. Today, on International Environment Day, we want to share our commitment and the practices that enable us to design and manufacture responsibly.

Sustainable Design: Beyond Durability

Designing with durability in mind is essential to creating sustainable products. All our new products are designed under ISO 14006 certification, demonstrating our concern for incorporating an eco-design management system that ensures the identification, control, and continuous improvement of the environmental aspects of our products.

Responsible Manufacturing Practices

At Figueras, our responsible manufacturing practices include:

  • Selecting low-impact materials: We choose materials that minimize environmental impact from extraction to final disposal. 
  • Design for longevity: We create resistant and functional products that extend their useful life. 
  • Carbon footprint reduction: We implement processes that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • Waste management and recycling: We minimize waste by recycling and reusing materials. 
  • Emissions control: We use VOC-free water-based varnishes and VOC-free powder coatings. 
  • Energy efficiency: We optimize the use of light and water in our production processes. 
  • Reduction of toxic substances: We avoid the use of harmful materials in our operations. 

High-Quality Materials for Durability

Choosing sustainable materials is critical to ensure the longevity of our products. At Figueras, we carefully select our suppliers and partners to ensure that all raw materials meet the highest standards.
Our seats are designed to withstand intensive use. We use recycled polyester fabrics that offer the same durability as non-recycled yarn. Our upholstery withstands more than 40,000 Martindale cycles, and Valencia upholstery withstands more than 300,000 cycles, ensuring a long service life.

Design Innovation for Component Recycling

The new Figueras seats, designed under ISO 14006 certification, are created with a component-based design that facilitates disassembly and recycling. This approach not only prolongs the life cycle of the products but also significantly reduces waste generation.

Resistant and Timeless Structures

Our structures are developed to withstand more than 400,000 mechanical cycles. In addition, the timeless aesthetics of our designs contribute to their sustainability, allowing our seating to remain relevant and functional over time.

Commitment to Sustainability

The use of certified wood from sustainably managed forests reinforces our commitment to the environment. All our products come with guarantees that certify the quality of the materials used.

Responsible Production Initiatives

At Figueras, we have implemented a series of approved initiatives that are applied transversally to all our products:

  • VOC-free water-based coatings 
  • Powder coating on metal components without VOC emissions. 
  • Recycled polyester fabrics 
  • Low-emission polyurethane foam 


Whether you are planning a new project, or considering a refurbishment of existing seats, sustainability, and efficient resource management should be at the forefront of your design strategy.

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