VIP Seating Supplier of Espai Barça

Figueras Seating has signed a collaboration agreement with FC Barcelona to become the provider of VIP seats for the future Spotify Camp Nou stadium. The agreement, which will be effective during the 2025-26 and 2026-27 seasons, is part of the sponsorship program associated with the new stadium, reaffirming the commitment of Figueras Seating and FC Barcelona to excellence and innovation.

The Espai Barça Project is revolutionary and will transform Spotify Camp Nou into a world-renowned sports complex. With a notable improvement in the quality and quantity of VIP offerings, the current offering is tripled through a new proposal of premium seats and VIP boxes, with a total of 9,400 seats within the Barça Hospitality proposal.

The seats from Figueras will undoubtedly enhance the comfort and experience of spectators attending Spotify Camp Nou to enjoy the excitement of a matchday from premium locations. Designed and manufactured with sustainable materials and efficient production techniques, the selected models reinforce sustainability as a key pillar of the project.

VIP Seating Supplier of Espai Barça VIP Seating Supplier of Espai Barça
VIP Seating Supplier of Espai Barça VIP Seating Supplier of Espai Barça

Marta Ferrer, Business Development Director for the Iberia region at Figueras, highlights, “Figueras’ commitment is aligned with the demands of a club like Barça, as well as those demanded by the sports and entertainment sector.”

The relationship between Figueras and FC Barcelona started in 1972 when more than 60,000 seats were installed at Camp Nou. This relationship has been maintained over the years with several interventions. “Spotify Camp Nou represents a significant challenge for Figueras; we have to guarantee an excellent experience for the members, offering them maximum comfort through our seats for the VIP areas, which we have adapted to meet the new space’s expectations and demands, ” says Ferrer.

For Juli Guiu, Vice President of Marketing at FC Barcelona, “the agreement with Figueras Seating is another example of the club’s commitment to building a new innovative stadium that offers the best experience to all fans visiting Spotify Camp Nou and enjoying a matchday from premium locations.”

With this agreement with FC Barcelona, Figueras, with a clear international vocation, joins the ambitious Espai Barça project, which also aspires to become a global benchmark.

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