Le Creusot, FRANCE

Site Technopolitain Le Creusot



The architecture firm Atelier Novembre has led the renovation work on the Centre Technopolitain building in Le Creusot, France, a space designed to host startups, digital platforms, coworking spaces, a business incubator, hospitality, classrooms, and an auditorium.

It is in the auditorium where Figueras has closely collaborated with the team of architects to equip it. The greatest challenge has been the limited space and the need to preserve the original structure. To address this, 109 Minispace 5064 seats have been installed along with F48 tables, adding functionality to the space. To comply with current regulations regarding passage and accessibility, fixed-backrest seats and movable-backrest seats have been installed, and spaces for people with reduced mobility have been provided.

The Minispace 5064 seat stands out for being compact yet comfortable, making it ideal for corporate workspaces, auditoriums, and conference rooms.

Project Name: Site Technopolitain Le Creusot
Year of Development: 2024
Country: France
Location: Le Creusot
Installed Seats: Minispace 5064, Minispace Fix 5064,Table F48
Capacity: 109
Segments: Publicum
Venues: Corporate Rooms
Architecture Studio: Ateliers Novembre
Le Creusot Tecnopolitain

Installed Seats

Installed Systems


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