Getxo, SPAIN

Muxikebarri – Centro de Arte, Cultura y Congresos

Cultural Center equipped with a retractable seating system that can be hidden into the floor



Muxikebarri, the new Getxo Cultural Center for Art, Culture and Congress, has different rooms equipped with fixed seats and a complex mobile seating system that allows maximum optimization and versatility of the hall. The seats installed were designed to equip the emblematic Opéra de Lyon, thus achieving an optimal acoustic response in any space. On the other hand, the retractable stand can be completely hidden under the floor to achieve a totally open and versatile space.

Project Name: Muxikebarri – Centro de Arte, Cultura y Congresos
Country: Spain
Location: Getxo
Installed Seats: Minispace 5069, Lyon 13108, Retractable Seating System
Capacity: 1.300
Segments: Movable Seating Solutions
Venues: Performing Arts Centers, Congress Centres, Multipurpose Spaces
Architecture Studio: Luís Maria Uriarte & Jorge Magdaleno

Installed Seats

Installed Systems

Case Study

Multiple spaces for a multipurpose venue

Muxikebarri, the new Getxo’s Art, Culture and Congress Center, is the new complex designed by Luis María Uriarte that takes over from the old Getxo Antzokia to become the main infrastructure of the municipality for the performing arts, film screenings, cultural celebrations and even host training in any discipline of art and culture. This 12,000 square meter cultural space has three auditoriums, a multipurpose room and several lobbies that offer multiple possibilities of use.

Featured Data

  • Name: Muxikebarri, Centro de Arte, Cultura y Congresos
  • Location: Getxo (Vizcaya), España
  • Architecture and Design: Luís María Uriarte & Jorge Magdaleno
  • Total floor area: 12.000m²
  • Halls: 4
  • Capacity: 1.266 seaters
  • Product: Lyon seat, Retractable Seating System

Challenges and solutions

The main auditorium, Ereaga Hall, has 782 seats on two floors. This space accommodates medium and large format programming: plays, classical music and opera, among others. The armchair chosen to equip this elegant auditorium has been the Lyon armchair. Conceived to dress the Lyon Opera House, this armchair has excellent acoustic characteristics that make it a safe bet for a space like this where sound becomes one of the main protagonists.

The Arrigunaga room, the most versatile space in Muxikebarri, has been designed to host small-format activities, mainly musicals, contemporary music shows, shows addressed at a youth and children audience, and film screenings. This space has been fitted with a retractable platform with 266 seats that allows, when the stands are retracted, to create a totally open space with a capacity for up to 769 standing people. The installed tribune system is one of the most sophisticated on the market and with it the maximum optimization of space is achieved, leaving the tribune completely hidden under the floor once it has been folded, thus disappearing all the seats automatically in a matter of minutes.

On the other hand, the Areeta room, with 218 installed seats of the Lyon model, is focused on a more didactic use, offering training in music and film programming.

Lastly, the Gorrondatxe hall has been equipped with the Venus chair, a light and elegant model that offers optimal comfort to the audience and can be stacked in order to adapt the space to the necessary layout and  capacity in each situation. This is the ideal space to hold conferences and seminars.


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