QPAC, Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Auditorium

Personalized seats based on design and acoustics



Located in the cultural precinct at South Bank in Queensland, QPAC is one of the leading cultural centres in Australia and provides world-class performance spaces. Designed essentially for orchestral performances, it is also perfect for all kind of concerts and performances.

Project Name: QPAC, Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Auditorium
Year of Development: 2009
Country: Australia
Location: Brisbane
Seats: Bespoke model Arch. Cox Rayner
Capacity: 1.600
Segments: Made to Measure
Venues: Performing Arts Centres, Theatres
Architecture: Robin Gibson and Partners
Renovation: Cox Architecture (Cox Rayner Architects)

Installed Seats

Installed Systems

Case Study

Personalized seats based on design and acoustics

The refurbishment of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) was the first stage of a comprehensive master plan aimed at enabling the venue to engage with its environment in a much more integrated way than was previously possible. The master plan was conceived to retain the integrity of the existing architecture while addressing operational issues related to disability access, outdated technologies, and the upgrading of amenities and facilities.

The first stage of the project included the complete interior refurbishment of the QPAC’s two main theatres, the Concert Hall and the Lyric Theatre, and modifications to the foyer and circulation spaces to facilitate disability access and relieve congestion. The opportunity was also taken to reconsider the whole sequence of circulation movement from the street to the theatres, and from food and beverage spaces to the external environment.

Technical details

  • Name: QPAC, Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Auditorium
  • Location: Brisbane, Australia
  • Year of development: 2009
  • Architecture: Robin Gibson and Partners
  • Construction company: Abigroup Contractors Pty Limited
  • Venue: Performing Arts Centre
  • Client: Queensland Government
  • Capacity: 1,600 seats
  • Product: Custom Product Arch. Cox Rayner

Challenges and solutions

In the theatres, stalls seating, stages, lighting, and rigging systems were extensively upgraded while respecting the spatial integrity of the interior spaces. The interior remodelling of the Lyric Theatre and Concert Hall has generated an outstanding response from the public, orchestras, performers, and the QPAC’s technical operators thanks to dramatic improvement in acoustics and working conditions.

The changes implemented have led to significant gains for the QPAC in terms of public accessibility and performance diversity, as well as allowing it to appeal to wider audiences.


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