Consulat Général de France

Seating systems combination: space profitability, endless flexibility

The integration of two seating systems offers unparalleled flexibility to this space. The retractable seating system accommodates up to 42 seats. By adding four rows of 8 seats each, equipped with our Mutawheel Seating System, the capacity of the room expands to 74 seats. The seat, our Minispace 5071 with wooden finishings gives an elegant and solemn touch to the space. This setup enables easy adaptation to various audience sizes and space requirements through quick and versatile configurations. Ideal for multipurpose venues, this space-saving solution enhances user comfort and optimizes space utilization, making it perfect for multifunctional rooms in limited spaces that require adaptability for different uses.

Project Name: Consulat Général de France
Year of Development: 2019
Country: United Kingdom
Location: Edinburgh
Installed Seats: Minispace 5071, Retractable Seating System, Mutawheel Seating System
Capacity: 74
Segments: Movable Seating Solutions
Venues: Auditoriums & Conference, Performing Arts Centers, Corporate, Multipurpose Spaces, Theatres

Installed Seats

Installed Systems


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