Singapore, SINGAPORE

The Sandcrawler – Lucasfilm HQ

Special fixed seating for the unique Lucas Films auditorium.


The Lucasfilms headquarters in Singapore, which has won several architectural awards, has a spectacular auditorium equipped with Figueras seats. For this project, a bespoke product was designed to meet all the technical requirements of the auditorium.

Project Name: The Sandcrawler – Lucasfilm HQ
Year of Development: 2012
Country: Singapore
Location: Singapore
Installed Seats: 13114 RK
Segments: Cinemas
Venues: Cinemas, Corporate
Architecture Studio: AEDAS

Installed Seats

Installed Systems

Case Study

The combined forces of  Lucasfilms and Aedas create the Sandcrawler

The brand new headquarters of Lucasfilms in Singapore was created by Aedas and has already received several architectural awards, including the Gold MIPIM Asia Awards and the Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award.

It has been formally dubbed the CX2-1, and is already well known as the Sandcrawler – the vehicle the Jawas from Tatooine used in “Star Wars”  – thanks to the impressive and iconic shape. The eight floors adapt to the perimeter thanks to a horseshoe shape, which contains within it a lush garden.

It was built along energy efficient lines and with protection from sunlight, while ensuring the maximum availability of natural daylight in the interior. The Sandcrawler  features see-through architecture thanks to the high performance glass enclosures all around its perimeter. The interior design is modern but friendly, offering creative work environments. Each floor has its own terrace for dissipating heat, which helps keep the climate of Singapore at bay.

One of the jewels in the crown of this building is its high-tech auditorium for 100 people, in which internal projections; releases or conferences will be held. The seats chosen, RK 13114 are a special model by Figueras. They feature a tilting device, which can’t be felt until the user sits on it. It was this feature that led Aedas to choose this chair. Moreover, given that the seat and back are finished in wood, it offers a theatrical aesthetic with the performance of the recliner armchair in cinemas.


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