The National Assembly of Vietnam

The National Assembly House of Vietnam equipped with the Sensó RT seat

The National Parliament of Vietnam has the Sensó RT seat by Figueras, a seat which allows the occupant to move freely thanks to its unique rotation and translation system. This feature makes communication among the attendees easier, as they can communicate with each other by moving the seat without having to make any kind of effort.

Project Name: The National Assembly of Vietnam
Year of Development: 2014
Country: Vietnam
Location: Hanoi
Installed Seats: Sensó RT 2313
Capacity: 604
Segments: Publicum
Venues: Parliaments

Installed Seats

Installed Systems


Auditorio Alfredo Kraus
Auditorio Alfredo Kraus
Sage Gateshead
Salle de l'Alhambra
Salle de l'Alhambra
NFL Media
NFL Media Headquarters