Baku Aquatic Center

A top level sports centre equipped with high level seats



The Baku Aquatic Center has different models of Figueras seats in its facilities. The Arena, Minispace and Megaseat seats have been installed in the grandstands, VIP and presidential areas, respectively.

Project Name: Baku Aquatic Center
Year of Development: 2015
Country: Azerbaijan
Location: Baku
Installed Seats: Arena 302, Minispace 5067, Megaseat 8037
Capacity: 6.000
Segments: Stadium & Arenas
Venues: Stadium & Arenas
Architecture Studio: Pujol Arquitectura

Installed Seats

Installed Systems

Case Study


The water palace built for the celebration of the first European Games in Baku has capacity for 6,000 spectators. Of elliptical volume to adapt its shape to the uses of the facility and with large glazed surfaces, the Baku Aquatics Palace is already one of the most iconic buildings in the city on the shore of the Caspian Sea.

The architecture firm specialized in sport activities, especially aquatic ones, Pujol Arquitectura, was the responsible for designing the facilities in which there are two 50-metre swimming pools, one for diving, restoration areas, fitness, spa and training areas. The center has three seating areas. The stands, the VIP area and the presidential area. A different kind of seat was chosen for each of them.

The stands are equipped with the model Arena, a unique sport seat by Figueras featuring a curvy design and automatic folding. Only 21 cm deep when folded, it combines comfort with space optimization and an attractive design. For the VIP areas, another compact model by Figueras was selected, the MiniSpace, upholstered in beige imitation leather and only 15 cm deep. The presidential area was equipped with the large and comfortable model Megaseat upholstered in leather. All the seats conform to the demanding fire safety measures, an essential requirement in an indoor facility of these characteristics.

Technical specifications

  • Name: Baku Aquatics Palace
  • Location: Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Architecture: Pujol Arquitectura
  • Ownership: Ministry of Youth and Sports, Azerbaijan
  • Total surface: 55,000m²
  • Capacity: 6,000 spectators
  • Product:


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