Tanglewood Learning Institute

Multipurpose space equipped with a retractable tribune that allows the maximum space optimization.

The new space destined to host concerts and musical performances at the Tanglewood Learning Institute has been equipped with a retractable stand and the Minispace 5071 armchair, a mobile seating system solution that allows the maximum optimisation and versatility of space.

Project Name: Tanglewood Learning Institute
Year of Development: 2019
Country: United States of America
Location: Lenox, MA
Installed Seats: Minispace 5071, Retractable Seating System
Segments: Movable Seating Solutions
Venues: Auditorium and Conference rooms, Multi-purpose Spaces, Universities and Schools

Installed Seats

Installed Systems

Case Study

The Linde Center, home to the new Tanglewood Learning Institute, has for years been a favourite summer destination for many artists from all over the world, where they have been able to stay and attend master classes given by world-renowned musicians. In 2019 these facilities were upgraded to provide a year-round space exclusively for the practice of multidisciplinary arts.

The extension of the Linde Center consisted of the creation of three new spaces dedicated to the performance of various musical shows. Two of these spaces have retractable windows that allow the room to be modified and create a totally open space that connects with the outside of the campus, thus allowing for performances in which spectators can be located both inside and outside the building.

One of these three new spaces has been equipped with a retractable tribune from Figueras and one of our most compact seats, the Minispace 5071, together they become a perfect movable solution to achieve maximum optimisation of space without ever giving up on the comfort and elegant design of our products. The use of the retractable tribune allows great flexibility in terms of capacity, being able to open or close it in a fully automatic way in a matter of minutes according to the needs of the event to be held.


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