Barcelona, SPAIN

Sede Corporativa Cuatrecasas

Elegant seats with USB connection and silent foldaway table for meetings and conferences



The prestigious law firm, with guidance from GCA Architects, equipped its corporate auditorium with one of Figueras’ best-known models, the Flex 6036 armchair. For added functionality, an integrated lectern was added to the chair’s side panel, ideal for work sessions, conferences and training sessions.

Figueras has the honour of having also equipped the auditoriums of its corporate headquarters in Madrid and Lisbon.

Nombre del Proyecto: Sede Corporativa Cuatrecasas
Año de Desarrollo: 2016
País: Spain
Localidad: Barcelona
Butacas instaladas: Flex 6036
Capacidad: 200
Segmentos: Fixed Seating
Venues: CorporativoAuditorios y Conferencias
Estudio de Arquitectura: GCA Architects
Constructora: GCA – Comsa Emte

Installed Seats

Installed Systems

Case Study

Two towers, three blocks and 28,000 m² accommodating 1,000 workers

The new corporate building in the 22@ district in Barcelona is designed by GCA Architects, one of the Catalan Studios which has won the most awards on an international scale. The corporate headquarters of Cuatrecasas Laywers is set to be a milestone in the new technological district of the city. Made up of two towers (72 metres high), consisting of three clearly differentiated blocks, it has become a new tribute building that completes the extraordinary skyline around the Torre Agbar.

The two towers, consisting of 11 and 18 floors, are joined together by a large triple level glassed atrium, housing the reception and common areas, notably the 200 seat auditorium, the restaurant and the fitness centre. At the 7th floor the West tower has a dramatic side shift, creating on one side a cornice over the street and, on the other side, allowing room for a decked garden area. The façade is modular, covered in an aluminium frame to provide privacy and protect the interior from direct sunlight, however in the upper block this frame disappears, as given the height, there is no need for extra privacy.

Challenges of the project

The exterior architecture marks the style of interior design. A calm and sober atmosphere can be breathed in the areas designed for client visits, public events and employee training thanks to the use of superior and elegant materials. The natural hazy or direct light floods into all the areas. The Auditorium continues with the same homogeneous line, avoids excesses, and shows impeccable sobriety.

All the Figueras’ seats in this Auditorium include electrical connections on the inner part of the side panels. Some are located on the rear of their backrests to be used by people with reduced mobility. In addition, the first few rows of seats provide the occupants with an audio outlet and a microphone. For this reason, various technical outlets are set throughout the floor of  the auditorium, as well as air conditioning outlets. The close collaboration between the architects and the Figueras’ CAD team allowed for a meticulous installation that smoothly integrated these outlets and junction boxes.  In addition, the seats are adapted to the slight 3% gradient of the auditorium, which was achieved which a special base designed for that particular requirement.

Selected model

The chosen seat had to reflect the Cuatrecasas personality suggesting the same elegance, distinction and straight lines as the rest of the building. The selection was made easy: the same model which furnishes the law firm’s Madrid offices and which met all these requirements. The Figueras Flex 6076 model is characterised by a unique and elegant design with great aesthetics. The rows formed by this model provide perfect linearity and continuity. When seats are vacated, they retract and are perfectly aligned with the front part and the top of the side panel. Incorporating a silent polyurethane lectern into the armrest, they can also be used for work sessions. The seats were upholstered in faux leather, a key feature for a building LEED certificated with the GOLD category.


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