Salle Caillemer – Université Jean Moulin

Special seats for meeting: allows the occupants to interact



The architectural firm Frédéric Brachet was commissioned to renovate this room at the Jean Moulin University in Lyon. The project consisted of two parts: the renovation of the building and the renovation of the furniture. Each part involved different phases of demolition, restoration and finishing work, among others. In terms of decoration, the renovation of the cladding, interior and exterior carpentry, parquet flooring and electricity was carried out, as well as the audio-visual equipment and seating.

A team of four restorers of historic monuments worked against the clock for the equivalent of 1,600 hours to restore the interior decoration of the hall. The columns, the pilasters, the glass doors of the libraries and the decorations were meticulously worked on.

The seats chosen were the Flex RT by Figueras, ideal for meeting rooms thanks to its 360° rotation system and its 170mm linear displacement system, improving the working position. The seat returns to its initial position once it is released, allowing the room to be tidy at all times.
Project Name: Salle Caillemer – Université de Lyon
Year of Development: 2015
Country: France
Location: Lyon
Installed Seats: Flex RT
Capacity: 47
Segments: Fixed Seating
Venues: Education & Training, Corporate
Architecture Studio: Fréderic Brachet

Installed Seats

Installed Systems


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