Seoul, KOREA

LoL Park – Riot Games

Gamer Stadium equipped with automatic folding seats specially designed for sports venues.


The accelerated growth of eGames has led to the creation of multipurpose spaces by major video game developers that serve as a meeting point for elite players and their fans. The LoL Park has a retractable tribune and one of our most compact seats, the Arena, together they become an optimal solution for this type of space.

Project Name: LoL Park – Riot Games
Year of Development: 2018
Country: South Korea
Location: Seoul
Installed Seats: Retractable seating system, Arena 302
Segments: Movable Seating Solutions, Stadiums & Arenas
Venues: Arenas & Stadiums, Multipurpose Spaces
Architecture Studio: Aurum

Installed Seats

Installed Systems

Case Study

With the increasing number of big eGames events and the expectation and follow-up that these trigger, the creation of stadiums which enable them to compete in front of the public has been one of the main objectives of video game development companies. This is the case of Riot Games, worldwide known for having developed the acclaimed game “League of Legends”, which decided to create its own stadium where professional players and their fans could meet.

The LoL Park, a space of 18,000 square meters, has several areas among which the sand with a Roman coliseum design stands out, a stage where players face each other in a semicircle. This space, with capacity for 500 people, has Figueras seats installed in a retractable tribune, allowing the capacity of the arena to be modified according to the needs of the event.

The installed seat is one of our most installed products in stadiums and arenas, the Arena seat, a folding seat of reduced dimensions to which armrests and power connections have been added to better adapt to the needs of the project. This seat is an excellent option for this type of space and installed in a retractable tribune, it becomes an excellent solution to achieve the best optimisation of space.


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