Liberty Museum and Science Center

High quality and hard-wearing Figueras’ seats for the new and recently renovated Planetarium

The Liberty Science Center is a 300,000 square foot museum located in Jersey City, very near to the Statue of Liberty. This science center, originally designed by Verner Johnson architects was inaugurated in 1993.  Every year 650,000 people visit the Liberty Science Center, most of them students. It houses 12 exhibition halls, a zoo, aquariums, a 3D theater, several classrooms and labs and the Western Hemisphere’s largest and most technologically advanced planetarium, the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium and LSC Giant Dome Theater.

Thanks to a significant financial contribution to the project, it was completely renewed and re-opened again in December 2017.

The Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium is a 450-seat facility with 100 foot diameter dome (30 m) and an 89-foot (27 m) diameter screen. Figueras was selected as seating supplier and provided its popular Top 5036. The top won the favor of the  proprietors because of its extraordinary comfort and appearance, as well as for its durability with frequent daily use. The Integral Form internal construction guarantees a hard-wearing product, ideal for high traffic facilities of this type.

The outcome was an on time, problem free installation that has been delighting visitors since the planetarium reopened!

Project Name: Liberty Museum and Science Center
Year of Development: 2017
Country: United States of America
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Installed Seats: Top 5036
Capacity: 450
Segments: Publicum
Venues: Planetarium

Installed Seats

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