Reel Cinemas

VVIP cinema equipped with elegant custom-detailed leather seats to offer the most outstanding viewing experience

This is a great example of Figueras customization taken to the highest: The 3-independent-motors Hollywood 5400 upgraded to a maximum level of comfort and design.

Elegant finishes in walnut wood were chosen for the privacy module and the reclining love-seat with central armrest, upholstered in leather. Other connectivity features such as the call-bell button system, USB and integrated iPad were added in this design.

Reel Cinemas at Dubai Mall offers a luxurious way to watch movies, giving a complete VVIP cinema experience to its guests.

Project Name: Reel Cinemas
Year of Development: 2018
Country: United Arab Emirates
Location: Dubai
Installed Seats: Hollywood 5400
Segments: Cinema
Venues: Cinemas

Installed Seats

Installed Systems


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