L’Atlàntida – Sala Ramon Montanyà

Seats with special acoustic characteristics for this unique theatre



The avant-garde complex designed by Josep Llinàs, houses several The avant-garde complex designed by Josep Llinàs, houses several rooms dedicated to music and the performing arts.

The main auditorium, the Ramon Montanyà hall, has a capacity of up to 800 people (534 and 266, respectively) in its stalls and amphitheatre. Figueres equipped this room with the Flex armchair, which was customised to meet the acoustic needs that were posed. The large dimensions of the room and the stage allow all types of theatrical and musical events to be performed. The ceiling, decorated with a topographical map of the area in gold leaf, and the concrete walls, decorated with a pattern of vertical wooden strips, are also noteworthy.

In another room, the auditorium Joaquim Maideu, Figueras installed a retractable tribune to convert it into a functional multipurpose space.

Project Name: L’Atlàntida Centre d’Arts Escèniques d’Osona
Year of Development: 2010
Country: Spain
Location: Vic
Installed Seats: Flex 6036
Capacity: 800
Segments: Fixed Seating
Venues: Performing Arts Centers, Theatres
Architecture Studio: Josep Llinàs

Installed Seats

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