San Miguel de Tucumán, ARGENTINA

Honorable Legislatura de Tucumán

Seats with unique services for parliaments

The new Legislature building is an important milestone for San Miguel de Tucumán due to the impact it has had on the city’s architecture as a whole. Its most outstanding feature is its 8,000m² glass façade and its earthquake-resistant structure, with which the Legislature has set a new standard for quality of public works in the country, and even in the whole of Latin America.

Given the use made of the Chamber, comfortable but sturdy seating was needed, that would also allow fluent communication amongst the legislators. Therefore, a special seat was designed, using the elegant Megaseat and the RT system in such a way that two movements could be made – rotation and translation – with an automatic return to its initial position. Furthermore, the seats have built-in occupancy sensors for electronic voting and the coat of arms of the Tucumán province embroidered into the head rests.

Project Name: Honorable Legislatura de Tucumán
Year of Development: 2011
Country: Argentina
Location: San Miguel de Tucumán
Seats: Megaseat 9113
Capacity: 62
Segments: Fixed Seating
Venues: Parliaments
Architecture: Estudio Diego Peralta Ramos

Installed Seats

Installed Systems


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