Geneve Conservatory of Music



The Geneve Conservatory of Music is the oldest musical institution in Switzerland and one of the oldest in Europe. The conservatory is located in a historic building built in 1855, and in recent years a project of renovation, extension and reorganisation of the spaces has been carried out.

The Geneve Conservatory of Music entrusted Figueras to renovate the seats in its main auditorium, taking special care to maintain the original style and achieve better acoustics for the hall. All these changes have been carried out taking into consideration the historical architecture and seeking to preserve the essence of the original building.

Project Name: Geneve Conservatory of Music
Year of Development: 2019
Country: Switzerland
Location: Geneve
Installed Seats: Bespoke Model
Capacity: 300
Segments: Publicum
Venues: Auditorium
Architecture Studio:  GM Architectes Associés (GMAA)

Installed Seats

Installed Systems


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