Andorra la Vella, ANDORRA

Consell General d’Andorra

Seats with rotation and displacement systems for parliaments



Artigues & Sanabria (Ramon Artigues and Ramon Sanabria) along with Pere Espuga addressed the construction of the new Consell General d’Andorra headquarters as if the building were part of the rocky location into which it has been inserted. The façade is covered with rock which came from digging out the foundations. The stone theme of the project extends inside the Council chamber where translucent marble was used to evoke the mineral nature of the venue. Inside the chamber, members of the Andorran parliament sit on the unique granite-coloured Figueras RT seat. The seat was chosen in adherence to aesthetic, communicational and functional criteria.

Project Name: Consell General d’Andorra
Year of Development: 2011
Country: Andorra
Location: Andorra la Vella
Installed Seats: Flex RT 2314
Capacity: 46
Segments: Publicum
Venues: Parliaments
Architecture Studio: Artigues & Sanabria and Pere Espuga

Installed Seats

Installed Systems


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