An outstandingly comfortable projection room

To enhance its presence in the South Asian region, Sony Pictures has recently renewed their flagship headquarters in the heart of Singapore. Beyond the workspace and meeting rooms, their new offices feature an in-house movie theatre, designed by D’Trax Design. Considering the forward-thinking philosophy undeniable within the whole space, the Singaporean design firm trusted in Figueras to fit-out this little jewel.

The selected seat, the Smart 13010, has wide dimensions and offers extra comfort to the guests and staff. A TFM table with 360° rotating system and integrated cupholder was added to the seat, providing a secure non-slipping surface for both light work sessions and just entertainment.

At Figueras we are experts in developing all kinds of projects for corporate rooms, whether it is a small cinema, as in the case of Sony Pictures, or an auditorium, a conference room, a training room, or a multi-purpose space for hosting events of different characteristics, always responding to the needs and the corporate culture of the company.

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