Singapore, SINGAPORE

Sony Pictures Screening Room

Large seats for this small corporate cinema

The new offices of Sony Pictures in Singapore feature an in-house movie theatre, designed by D’Trax Design. Considering the forward-thinking culture undeniable within the whole space, the Singaporean design firm trusted in Figueras Seating to fit-out this little cinema room.

The selected seat, the Smart 13010, has wide dimensions and offer extra comfort. A TFM table was added to the seat. Its 360° rotating system and integrated cupholder provide a secure non-slipping surface for both light work sessions and just entertainment, and it is the perfect accessory to improve most of Figueras cinema seats, as it is fixed and adapted to an already existing cupholder.

Project Name: Sony Pictures Screening Room
Year of Development: 2022
Country: Singapore
Location: Singapore
Installed Seats: Smart 13010 Fix
Capacity: 23
Segments: Fixed Seating, Cinema Seating
Venues: Corporate Rooms, Cinemas
Interior designer: D’Trax Design

Installed Seats

Installed Systems


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