Heydar Aliyev Congress Center

System of automatic seats for a unique multi-use space.



The largest Mutasub system by Figueras is installed in the convention and conference centre of Gabala, Azerbadjan. The hall, with a surface area of 930m², has a capacity for 1,200 people.

The installed system allows to store the seats on the raised floor, so that it is possible to obtain a completely diaphanous room or to configure it to present the rows of seats required for each event.

Project Name: Heydar Aliyev Congress Center
Year of Development: 2013
Country: Azerbaijan
Location: Gabala
Installed Seats: Minispace 5064, Flex 6032, Mutasub
Capacity: 1.200
Segments: Movable Seating Solutions
Venues: Congress Centres, Multipurpose Spaces
Architecture Studio: Metex Design Group
Construction Company: TGG Construction

Installed Seats

Installed Systems

Case Study

A unique seating system to maximise the profitability of a space

The Heydar Aliyev Congress Centre is a congress centre located in Gabala, in the North of Azerbaijan. This 8.5-hectare centre has been made according to Azerbaijan tastes with respect to architecture and design, combined with the latest technologies. The 3-storey building includes several halls, a restaurant, administrative offices, 6 towers, a 13m high dome, a 1.000m² conference hall and a press room.

Technical details

  • Name: Heydar Aliyev Congress Center
  • Location: Gabala, Azerbaijan
  • Year of development: 2013
  • Architecture: Metex Design Group
  • Construction: TGG Construction
  • Property: Gilan MMC
  • Total Area: 8,5 ha
  • Number of floors: 3
  • Capacity: 1,200 seats
  • Product: Flex 6032, Minispace 5064 and Mutasub Seating System

Challenges and Solutions

The conference room, which occupies 930m², was planned to be a space of great polyvalence. The Congress Center also programs other activities and events, such as concerts. Because of that versatility, architects had to find a seating system that allowed an easy configurable hall. The greatest challenge of the project was to hide under the technical floor and in a completely automatic way, 1.200 ample seats.

Product supplied

Figueras installed a Mutasub Seating System that occupies 700m². Thanks to the innovative engineering developed by Figueras for multipurpose rooms, the main hall of the congress centre can go from having a maximum capacity of 1.200 seated persons to being an open space in a matter of 5 minutes. Moreover, the system can be configured to have as many rows of seats as necessary.

The Mutasub automated system installed in Gabala incorporates two of Figueras’s high-end seat models with top aesthetics and quality features and an important innovative component. Both models –the Flex 6032 and the Minispace 5064– are upholstered in white leather. The seats are arranged in rows of 24 seats each, another challenge for the company, given that up to now no Mutasub system had been made with such long rows. All the seats are folding, and they are automatically and neatly stored under the raised floor of the hall.

Once stored under the floor, the seats occupy only 450mm. Figueras has also installed a mobile stage in the hall, which can vary in height according to the configuration of the hall to guarantee optimum visibility from any row.


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