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For nearly a century, Figueras has stood as an unwavering beacon of seating excellence, casting its refined touch across the world.
Rooted in a legacy of passion for innovation, Figueras specializes in crafting seating solutions that redefine public spaces with a touch of differentiation.

Our global journey has taken us across the expansive landscapes of over 130 countries, where we have seamlessly integrated our seating solutions into more than 40,000 inspiring projects. With an installation record exceeding 10 million seats, Figueras has become synonymous with unparalleled quality and design.

Headquartered in the culturally rich city of Barcelona, a bastion of creativity, we have woven a tapestry of success that extends far beyond the Mediterranean.
Figueras boasts a truly global presence, with a physical footprint in over 130 countries, underlining our commitment to providing the world with seating solutions that epitomize both luxury and durability.

In the intricate dance of international business, Figueras emerges not only as a key player but as a standard-bearer of solidity and elegance. Our seats, meticulously crafted and globally embraced, stand as testaments to the enduring quality and timeless design that define Figueras Seating – The Art of Seating.
Choose Figueras Seating – where excellence knows no borders.


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