Filipe Oliveira

The dimensions and aptitudes of the architecture of Filipe Oliveira Dias live from the ambition to design and build an immense universe, that of Man, with an infinite time, preferably without limits. Before they assume a participation that is collective and is, therefore, a right of all. Landscape and urbanistically, the architecture of Filipe Oliveira observes and interprets values. His projects and works are didactically and pedagogically open. They assume many disciplinary cultures and subcultures of architecture, readable and useful. They always constitute the beginning of a stimulating and passionate investigation, the beginning of a will or a truth that considers, culturally and socially, architecture as a consumer good. Thus, Filipe Oliveira Dias creates a universe that is not afraid of color that represents the revelation and material translation that models the spaces, where wills and truths come together and mix to validate the uses and forms of architecture. A world, moreover, where the structure is the architecture itself, showing itself and assuming itself with rigor and vigor.

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