Mexico City, MEXICO

BBVA Bancomer

Butacas funcionales para el auditorio de la sede corporativa de la entidad financiera en México DF



La sala de conferencias y auditorio de la Torre BBVA Bancomer se halla en el sky lobby, que funciona como plaza pública. Este auditorio, con capacidad para 350 personas, cuenta con elementos de alta tecnología y fue diseñado para permitir una mayor interacción entre los usuarios y generar así, un sentido de comunidad.

El aspecto más destacado de este auditorio es la perfecta adecuación a la sala de butacas, ya que se realizó a medida de las mismas, y no al revés como es habitual. Para dotarlo de un ambiente acogedor, se revistió el auditorio de madera natural, que además, gracias a sus paneles perforados, otorga una gran absorción acústica. En consonancia con los tonos naturales del auditorio, las butacas debían aportar componente estético y gran comodidad, cualidades que cumple a la perfección la butaca Flex 6036 de Figueras, de líneas rectas y diseño sobrio. La butaca, con retorno automático, es además la perfecta combinación entre confort y optimización del espacio.

Nombre del proyecto:BBVA Bancomer
Año de desarrollo:2016
Localidad:Mexico City
Butacas instaladas:Flex 6076
Segmentos:Butacas fijas
Venues:Corporate / Auditoriums & Conference
Estudio de arquitectura:Legorreta® – Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners
Constructora:Arup/Colinas de Buen SA de CV

Asientos instalados

Sistemas instalados

Estudio de caso

The BBVA Bancomer Tower, located at the start of the Paseo de la Reforma, next to the Chapultepec Park, is a new icon for Mexico City. It is the first building constructed by LegoRogers, a collaboration between the Mexican company Legorreta® and British company Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners. These two studios have worked together to build this 50 storey tower which aims to reinterpret the traditional organization of office space, to make it as safe and efficient as possible.

Built on the premise of sustainability and with rigorous earthquake-resistant characteristics, the BBVA Bancomer Tower combines the architectonic language of both of the architects firms, and is at the same time a reflection of local culture, with a lattice framed façade which has been inspired on traditional Mexican architecture.

The BBVA Bancomer Tower offers a 21st century working environment. It combines both public access areas for the bank’s customers, as well as office floors for employees. The building offers a variety of spaces which may be used by the company’s workers, such as the auditorium, restaurant, elevated gardens and terraces, which manage to create new working environments. The Tower offers the best possible environment for its users, with plenty of natural light and access to outdoor areas. The internal spatial arrangement is organized diagonally on the floor, reinterpreting the traditional office space for a more efficient use of space.

Challenges of Project

The tower’s conference room and auditorium  are located in the sky lobby, which serves as a base or public square, and where the employees’ dining room is also found. This auditorium, with a capacity for 233 people, has state of the art features and was designed to allow for greater interaction between users and generating a sense of community, as well as a more human environment. The challenge for architects and interior designers was to combine high technology and efficiency, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. To do this, it covered the auditorium in natural wood, giving it beauty and also providing great acoustic absorption thanks to its perforated panels. In line with the natural tones of the auditorium, the seats had to provide an aesthetic component along with great comfort.

The most significant aspect of this auditorium is how the seats have been perfectly adapted to the hall, as they were tailor made and adjusted, taking into account other features, such as the wooden panels covering its entire perimeter. The joint work and the excellent communication between the architects and Figueras’ technical department was the key to attaining such a balanced hall, in which all elements fit together perfectly.

Product supplied

Figueras provided the 233 seats for this corporate auditorium, which the architects selected the comfortable and versatile Flex 6036 seat. The model didn’t need to be modified to adapt it to special measurements that would complicate the project as the stands were designed with sufficient amplitude and the required height. This model stands out for its balance of comfort and design focused on optimising space, as once it is folded up it occupies only 47cm.

The auditorium has two groups of seats at a different levels. To differentiate between the two areas, in each level the seats were upholstered in two different shades of blue, in an elegant leatherette upholstery that contrasts with the golden wood of the auditorium. To make it distinctive, the selected model was customized with a light on the side, specially designed for LegoRogers. Six of the seats are removable; in order to adapt the hall to the requirements of people with reduced mobility.


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