The White House, Press Room

Des sièges élégants aux lignes pures pour la salle de presse la plus connue au monde



La salle de conférence de presse James S. Brady de la Maison Blanche a été rénovée en 2007 pour accueillir jusqu’à 49 journalistes. Notre modèle Flame a été choisi pour équiper cette salle de presse, un élégant siège haut de gamme avec des finitions en bois de hêtre, du cuir naturel avec une barrière coupe-feu et un piédestal en aluminium. Il se distingue également par ses caractéristiques acoustiques.

Nom du Projet:The White House Press Briefing Room
Année de développement:2007
Pays:États Unis d’Amerique 
Ville:Washington DC
Sièges installés:Flame
Segments:Sièges Fixes
Venues:Auditoriums et Conférences
Étude d’architecture:Bill London, RTKL Associates Inc.

Sièges installés

Systèmes installés

Étude de cas

Figueras Renews White House Seating: A Trusted Choice Yet Again

The White House press room now boasts brand-new seats, ready for official briefings. Figueras has undertaken a comprehensive renovation project for the seats used by journalists during government press conferences

The Press Gallery, initially installed over the Roosevelt swimming pools and situated next to the Rose Garden, stands as an emblematic symbol of prestige and democracy. It serves as a platform for showcasing the most significant events in the President’s diplomatic efforts, both on the domestic and international fronts, making it a world-renowned symbol of these important moments.

Figueras previously installed the same seats back in 2007. In total, there are 54 Flame chairs, selected for the original White House renovation by CallistonRTKL Architects. Now, after four sitting presidents and sixteen years later, there’s a renewed trust in Figueras’ craftsmanship and design to refurbish them once more.

Flame, designed by the renowned architect Filipe Oliveira, is a premium model, known for its elegant, sinuous shapes resembling a candle flame. Crafted with beech wood and faux leather, it features an original aluminum pedestal. Besides ensuring user comfort, the chair stands out for its acoustic properties, and it also incorporates a fire barrier, enhancing safety in the pressroom significantly.

The renewed partnership with Figueras highlights the White House’s commitment to a cutting-edge press room and its trust in 94-year-old corporation known for its excellence. Journalists and officials can now expect a combination of style, comfort, and safety as they anticipate upcoming briefings and historic events. These chairs symbolize the enduring collaboration between Figueras and the USA White House and Government, guaranteeing a reliable and steadfast seating solution for the nation’s press corps in the years ahead.


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