Figueras Seating Europe will fit out the Roig Arena stadium in Valencia

Licampa 1617 SL trusts in Figueras Seating Europe to fit out the Roig Arena in Valencia
  • The venue aims to position the Valencian capital and the Valencia Region as a global reference in entertainment
  • Figueras will supply the more than 15,000 seats that will be installed in this multi-purpose pavilion

Construction of the Roig Arena in Valencia is scheduled to be completed next year. It is an exciting project that aims to transform the city of the Turia river and the province of Valencia into an international reference in entertainment thanks to the construction of this first class sustainable venue that will host all kinds of events. Licampa 1617 SL has entrusted Figueras Seating with the design, construction and installation of the 15,600 seats that the arena will contain.

“The company and the whole team involved is very proud and pleased to be part of this project,” explains Josep Manel Santiago, General Manager of Figueras. “It is also an opportunity for Figueras to show our experience in multi-purpose spaces. In this case, we are going to equip the different areas, covering the requirements in each area of the Arena”. To achieve this, Figueras has had to work on a comprehensive solution that includes mobile systems, which will allow the versatility that the Roig Arena aims to offer, and the fixed seats in the spectator area and the VIP area in the main ring, the boxes and the spectator area in the upper ring.

Sustainability: the backbone of the Roig Arena

In its construction, the Arena has taken into account a wide range of intelligent solutions for the preservation of the environment and to address factors related to health and well-being. Furthermore, all equipment must follow strict environmental preservation criteria, addressing the active efficiency of systems, waste minimisation and the use of sustainable and local materials. Figueras Seating will contribute to this work with the installation of eco-designed products that incorporate environmental criteria at all stages.

A new icon of Valencian architecture

As well as being the home of the Valencia Basket Club, the venue aims to become a new architectural icon. The Valencian architecture studio ERRE has been commissioned to design the Arena together with the American firm HOK. The venue is being built on a total area of 47,000 m². It will have an estimated maximum seating capacity of 15,600 for Valencia Basket Club matches and other sporting events, and an estimated maximum capacity for 18,600 people in concert format. In addition, the venue will have three terraces with restaurant and leisure services.

Multi-purpose spaces: the trend for new sports venues

With the pandemic, but above all with the emergence of new technologies, the way we consume entertainment, including sporting events, has changed completely. We are probably facing a paradigm shift affecting the conceptualisation of what we had until now known as sports stadiums in which a team of a specific discipline played and where a concert or two was sometimes held. It is a fact that we enjoy all these events in a completely different way and this will affect the design and construction of the new venues.

This is the case of the Roig Arena, the stadium being not only for basketball. It is for basketball and other sporting events, major concerts, corporate events and any other entertainment related event. We cannot fail to mention the versatility. It has the capacity for transforming these spaces, the capacity of transforming a grandstand into an open space or that open space into a theatre with a stage at the front.

At Figueras Seating we have been pioneers in the development of systems that allow the most to be made of any space according to the needs of each occasion. The variety of mobile seating systems, ranging from retractable grandstands to sophisticated methods of seat storage, allows any space to be transformed into a multi-purpose space. In a matter of minutes we can go from a room full of rows of seats to a completely light space, optimising the space and maximising its profitability, without renouncing the comfort, quality and reliability of Figueras products.

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